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To Create Future Value 3S KOREA

To create future value company 3S KOREA


Wafer Carrier Business

300mm FOSB(model.V3h)

●Product description
Our auto & manual machine FOSB is designed in consideration
of SEMI standard and chip maker working environment. OHT and
RFID transportation is also supported. In addition, it is auto friendly
to the operator, and allows manual open/close. It also uses threedimensional
side handles through ergonomic design.

(Wafer storage quantity) : 25sheets
(Width) : 385mm
(Length) : 351mm
(Height) : 327.5mm
(Weight) : Empty - 4.3kg
With wafer - 7.3kg

●Product Compatibility
Secure compatibility of facility based on SEMI (E15.1, E62,
E63, E64, E110, E83, E84, E85, E99, E144) SPEC.