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To Create Future Value 3S KOREA

To create future value company 3S KOREA


High-tech Material Division

To catch up with the fourth industry, 3S Korea High-tech Material Division took the great first step in 2007 to advance into future industries such as Semiconductor IT, Medical and Automobile markets. The factory where located in Anseong-Si Gyeonggi-Do, was established for the best quality of plastic injection, which maintains 1,000 class. And currently contributing to the Semiconductor field.
Recently, we 3S are keep contacting and developing not only for the Semiconductors, but also in new fields such as Automobiles, Health Care and Aviation etc.. and aim to apply high-quality plastic injection products to all high-tech fields in near future.
Through continuous investment and growth, We, 3S Korea will leap up to the company which can contribute to social growth.