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To Create Future Value 3S KOREA

To create future value company 3S KOREA

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For the past twenty years, 3S KOREA has grown stronger with challenging spirits which enabled us to overcome a limit of ordeal and frustration. Though we had many crucibles like IMF and global financial crisis in the past days, we have grown to become the company with various modifiers in our field, such as ‘Nation’s first’, ’The biggest domestic market share’ by making the purpose of business, ‘Should provide meaningful added value to customers’, as the value of corporate management.
It must have been impossible thing to be done without executives and staff members who carried out their duties to the fullest and shareholders who have been very generous with steady interest and investment in us, and finally, trust of our clients who have recognized 3S KOREA's technical skills and merchantable quality.

Within the company's credo that the best quality and service based on talents and technical skills are 3S KOREA worker's pride, now we are preparing a vision, ‘New 10 years’ which contains a strong will for future growth.

For our “New 10 years”, 3S KOREA will spare no investments in developing creative skills, and as a corporation that cultivates key figures of ability within the company, we will also work on training our human resources.
Since 3S KOREA bravely challenges the world market, and seeks an innovation of enterprise culture in order to create new values, it will work hard to create global values. Besides, by enacting “fulfilling a promise” as our conduct code, 3S KOREA will seek the best quality and service, and establish trust among shareholders, employees, cooperative firms, and client companies, through fair management. This way, 3S KOREA will achieve a dream of steady growth with 3S KOREA families.

Through encouraging men of ability, creating values, and faithful management, we will have our people share and experience their dream. This is what 3S KOREA is promising to people we work with, and this is what the vision, “New 10 years” is about.