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To Create Future Value 3S KOREA

To create future value company 3S KOREA

Company Info

Vision & Management ideology

3S KOREA's Management ideology

  • Philosophy
    On the basis of talent and technology
    To create the best quality and service.
  • Core Purpose
    Talent Management,
    Value Creation,
    Norm Observance
  • Management

3S Korea succeeded in localizing the design, manufacture and software of semiconductor wafer carrier box and refrigeration
and air conditioning test equipment through technological innovation
under the slogan of "Global Leader of Advanced Materials and Environmental Test Equipment".
In addition, we are contributing to the improvement of international competitiveness as well as import substitution
effect by supplying high-precision products to major domestic companies

3S Korea is always dreaming of new changes and growth.
In the spring of 2002, we were able to register KOSDAQ based on environment segment and now it is taking the lead to spread of new technologies

With constant challenges and growth

People are a key determinant of a company’s growth. 3S KOREA offers a variety of opportunities for young and talented people to be self-developed through independent learning and creative thinking.
3S KOREA has been able to lead the future environmental industry because of its accumulated advanced technology and developed human resources.
3S KOREA will continue to dream a bigger dream and open up a new tomorrow with talented people.