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To Create Future Value 3S KOREA

To create future value company 3S KOREA


Wafer Carrier Business

300mm Open Cassette

●Product description
Open Cassette is a carrier box used for moving lines and lines
during the wafer manufacturing process. Open Cassette is designed
as open structure to ensure ease of cleaning. It has excellent
dimensional accuracy, impact resistance and low distortion. Besides,
our open cassette raw material is Super Engineering grade polymer
with high performance properties such as high chemical resistance,
heat resistance and dimensional stability, and it is suitable for the
process environment of wafer manufacturer that requires heat

(Wafer storage quantity) : 25sheets
(Width) : 332mm
(Length) : 310mm
(Height) : 303mm
(Weight) : Empty - 2.2kg
With wafer - 5.2kg

●Product Compatibility
Secure compatibility of facility based on SEMI (E15.1,
E62, E63, E64, E110, E83, E84, E85, E99, E144) SPEC.